with Digital Cloud

Our designs are artistic works and a bridge of communication with consumers!

Each design we produce is a mixture of art, planning and idea crystaillization within creative visual and textual content.We go with you through the design journey from A-Z. We offer you a wide variety of design options and the ideas that support them.Our graphic design experts at Digital Cloud use the state-of-the-art technologies and tools to produce a variety of designs. These services include:

  • Digital marketing designs

  • Email shots designs

  • Logo designs

  • Ad designs

  • Animations

  • Newsletter, commercial and technical booklets

  • Invitation cards

  • Illustrations, graphics and maps

  • Business presentations

  • Business cards and letterheads

  • Magazine Designs

  • Promotional materials

  • Gifts
  • Branding

    your local brand comes from the saudi culture with international dimensions! extensive knowledge inside-out is what makes your brand more connected with the consumer base. just tell us what your goals are and leave the rest to us.

  • Brand discovery
    Brand discovery

    we conduct a thorough study of your market and how your business measures up against current or possible competitors. once the research is over, we produce a brand audit, which identifies the problems and reveals possible solutions along with growth opportunities. this is a very important stage to maximize your investment benefits when specifying your objectives from developing a new brand

  • Strategy Building
    Strategy Building

    it happens in the saudi market that your solutions and your competitors’ look and sound the same. brand strategy building is important to make a difference between your solution and someone else’s by defining a clear personality, added value or values and, of course, different objectives. your messages to customers, i.e. everything your customer sees and hears, should promote your brand or serve its objectives. choosing the customer contact strategy should be accurate and distinct to add more to the equity of the brand.

  • Brand Architecture
    Brand Architecture

    robust brand architecture helps you in different directions through: opening communication channels with existing customers to better understand your business, targeting your local market more successfully, launching new products and services faster. we help you develop logical strategy to organize your brand through a serial structure that helps you take the most effective and efficient decisions.

  • Brand naming
    Brand naming

    is it memorable? is it a reflection of identity? is it unique? of course, your brand name must combine all of the above. based on our knowledge of the saudi market and study of your brand, we craft a brand name has the biggest impact on the public, regardless of your business domain. our experts immerse themselves in your brand features to come up with options that get your brand identity across through content, imagery and colors.

  • Brand identity
    Brand identity

    identity begins with your logo! your brand brings together story, objectives and personality. once your brand identity is finalized, we work with you to apply it across products, marketing communications, digital communications, brochures, and even designs inside your premises.