Media Production

Media Production
inside Digital Cloud

Digital Cloud offers all the services related to production. They are executed by our services with passion and professional manner as they consider that a genre of art, not a career to make money from. We provide a wide variety of production services in a modern style and local vision

  • Photography

    high quality visual content is essential for any effective digital marketing and ad campaign. the sophisticated modern consumers in saudi arabia are taking more interest in images; it’s the first thing that attracts them. they expect to see the product or service they are going to get long before they will do so in person. professional photographers do only have the best equipment; they also have the artistic taste to capture the moment with all dimensions and distinctive expressions. we provide commercial photography services that meet your needs, whether they are for websites, social media, products, events, newsletter or booklets. we are always ready to deliver excellent photography services indoor, outdoor and in studios.

  • Business Video Marketing
    Business Video Marketing

    you are about to launch a new product or service. you might want to promote a current product or service. you would like to introduce a new feature or a special offer. for all of this, we have dedicated an outstanding team to produce this kind of service. the video production journey starts with the creative team, which presents the idea and script. sketches and storyboards are produced later. following that, the best scenario is chosen along with location, casting, costumes, accessories and timing. directors, photographers, videographers and lighting experts produce the raw video footage. vo and music are added later, in addition to timing and montage.

  • Website Videos
    Website Videos

    capture your customers’ attention when they visit your website with compelling video content. we work with you to highlight the best of what your company offers, products and services, using interviews, educational videos, ads and everything related to your brands in general.

  • Event Coverage
    Event Coverage

    event videos are the perfect way to show the world how great your event is. highlight your brand; show you customer engagement and share your enthusiasm.get more creative amazingly.

  • Internal Corporate Videos
    Internal Corporate Videos

    high-quality videos are essential for maintaining brand image integrity and successfully communicating your company’s message and mission to employees. we will work with you to develop and create effective training and compliance videos that can promote your brand inside your company.

  • Video Editing
    Video Editing

    you have some video footage, but not the editing software or artistic vision to turn it into one video that can get you to a goal you have in mind. we provide this services through our experts who combine the know-how and sophisticated direction vision. this service includes shortening, enlarging or combining more than one video. in addition, we amend the music, vo and colors.

  • Time-lapse

    time-lapse is an interesting technique that records a scene or objects that has a slow state-of-change and turns it into a video that plays back in high speed. this service includes: choosing the best camera, post-editing for images and videos, compressing videos or images into one video in a professional manner this service is provided by digital cloud’s experts who have an artistic vision about this technology that is gaining momentum.

  • YouTube Live Streaming
    YouTube Live Streaming

    you have an important event, live interaction with the audience, a forum or a workshop, and you want to have it broadcasted live on youtube on real-time basis? we provide this service so that you share moments live, and keep it in your records later.

  • Sound Systems
    Sound Systems

    they are indispensable regardless of how big your event is. you want to have a perfect event without technical problems that embarrass you. we secure the state-of-the-art equipment, no matter how big your even is, indoor or outdoor.

  • Fly Camera
    Fly Camera

    a new dimension for your event from top! we provide this unique service for different purposes such as documentation, live streaming, etc. it gives you panoramic view from top at different heights. whether you are working on a documentary or you want show the huge presence of your audience, or just live streaming of your event, we are ready to execute the mission according to the highest standards.